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The Burnett Honors College intends for the University Honors curriculum to greatly enhance the educational experience of participating students. Honors courses should differ from their regular counterparts in a few ways, including size, student expectations, and faculty involvement. Though the exact factors that set Honors courses apart may vary depending on academic discipline, all faculty should be sure to foster an engaging and intimate learning environment within each Honors class. Honors courses should not be more difficult for the sake of difficulty, but rather offer a robust academic experience fitting for UCF’s brightest students. Additional guidelines for the teaching of Honors courses can be found here through the National Collegiate Honors Council.

BHC accepts proposals from UCF faculty for Honors interdisciplinary seminars. Seminars are intended to be innovative and creative courses that offer faculty an opportunity to explore new topics and instructional formats that may not fit within the traditional curriculum. Proposals are accepted and reviewed for consideration by the University Honors Committee twice per academic year in September and February. Please click here to obtain the Honors interdisciplinary seminar proposal form. Thank you for your interest!