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Thesis Chair Info & Webcourses

The Thesis Chair Quick Guide and HUT syllabi are accessible on the Thesis Chair Webcourse. If you are currently serving on one or more Honors Undergraduate Thesis committees and have not enrolled in the HUT Webcourse for students OR the Thesis Chair Resources Webcourse, please email requesting the invitation link.

Become a Thesis Chair

There is a growing demand for faculty members to serve as thesis chairs for incoming Honors Thesis students. We are asking qualifying faculty interested in being thesis chairs to complete this short survey. The information collected in this survey will be housed only on the webcourse for students accepted or conditionally accepted to the Honors Undergraduate program - not posted publicly elsewhere. If a student has difficulty finding a thesis chair, the hope is that we will have at least one or two faculty members with similar interests to recommend to the student. We would appreciate if you can take the survey and distribute it to your colleagues, so everyone has the opportunity to get involved in this innovative, impactful research program.