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Participating in the Burnett Medical Scholars program at the University of Central Florida can offer pre-med students a tailored and enriching pathway towards their medical school aspirations. The unique partnership between the Burnett Honors College, UCF’s College of Medicine, and our community partners provides students with unparalleled opportunities for mentorship, research, and specialized experiences that are directly aligned with their academic and professional goals.


To participate, students must be current Burnett Honors Scholars (active in our University Honors program, Honors Undergraduate Thesis program, or both) in good standing with the college and planning to attend medical school (specifically an MD program) after graduation. Students must enroll in the Honors CARES webcourse to have access to details and sign-ups for these opportunities and events, as specific event details will be shared there. Only currently active Burnett Honors College students may enroll in the CARES webcourse.

Partnerships & Opportunities

BHC - UCF College of Medicine Partnership

The Burnett Honors College and the College of Medicine have fostered a connection between Burnett Medical Scholars and COM to support our students in their path to medical school. Details and sign-ups will be available only through CARES. Activities include:

  • UCF COM tours with current MD students
  • Meeting with UCF COM admissions staff
  • Invitation to attend FIRE project event at UCF COM
  • MD program interview prep

Community Partners

Our community partners offer special opportunities for clinical shadowing, volunteering, internships, and gap year programs. Details and applications are available only through CARES. They include:

  • Orlando Health
  • Shepherd’s Hope
  • Grace Medical Center

Honors Research Opportunities

Burnett Medical Scholars have access to additional research opportunities through our partners. Details about positions and applications are available only through CARES. They include:

  • BHC – Orlando Health Medical Research Scholars Program
  • Orlando Health Clinical Research Trials Program
  • Office of Honors Research Pre-Med Research Panel

Please Note


As of the incoming class of 2024, UCF College of Medicine and the Burnett Honors College have reimagined the Burnett Medical Scholars program. This new version of the Burnett Medical Scholars program focuses on providing opportunities for all interested Burnett Honors Scholars to connect with UCF COM and health providers in the Orlando community. It is no longer a BS-MD program.

**Students who were admitted to and are currently enrolled in the former iteration of the Burnett Medical Scholars program (Fall 2023 and earlier) will continue with their requirements and activities through graduation. They will receive their guaranteed offer of admission to UCF’s MD program, provided that all requirements are met.**