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We encourage you to study abroad!

BHC provides scholarship money each semester for study abroad. Please contact Morgan Bauer, Office of Prestigious Awards, for more information. In addition, the Office of Study Abroad also provides scholarship money.

These international experiences can also count as a waiver for one honors interdisciplinary seminar requirements. Study abroad waivers must be approved before travel by honors advising, and a reflective essay is required after the program. These honors-affiliated programs do not require pre-approval, but honors advising must be notified that the program will be used as an interdisciplinary seminar:

  • “Airplane Capital,” Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ali Gordon, Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Brazil, spring course and travel over spring break, restrictive elective for MAE. This program partners with Embraer whose world headquarters is in Sao Paulo and who has a facility in Melbourne, FL.
  • Maps, Apps, Drones and Communities in Belize, Tim Hawthorne, Ph.D., Sociology, Citizen Science GIS, summer. This program uses community GIS (geographic information systems) to address coastal, social and environmental issues.
  • AIRGuatemala, Richard Plate, Ph.D., Environmental Studies, summer. This program assist the reforestation project and works with local families.
  • “Greek Science and Astronomy,” Greece, Costas Efthimiou, Ph.D., Physics, summer. This program explores the origins of science.

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