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The Deans’ Leadership Council (DLC) is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing the Burnett Honors College. Council members serve as a liaison between the students and the Deans of the Burnett Honors College, assist with Honors events, and act as representatives for the Burnett Honors College when meeting with distinguished guests. The mission of DLC is to advise and assist the Office of the Dean of the Burnett Honors College by providing a student perspective and support at college events. DLC members will be given a stole upon their graduation to signify their dedication to the college.

Applications for the council will open during the Spring semester. Interested students should watch the Honors This Week email for more information regarding the application process. Questions should be directed to Joey Asti at

The 2021 Dean's Leadership Council

  • Lia Fiore
  • Lucas Morehouse
  • Abigail Reynolds
  • Alexandra Stovall
  • Cleopatra Elshiekh
  • Eric Han
  • Jonathan Baran
  • Jonathan Gitzendanner
  • Kaitlyn McPhee
  • Kayla Vonder Embse
  • Lauren Abbitt
  • Mackenzie Daniels
  • Pooja Patel
  • Timothy Blanchette