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The Burnett Honors College offers research poster printing for students who are in good standing with the University Honors and Honors Undergraduate Thesis programs.

  • The first two (2) posters per year are free. Additional posters may be printed for $30.
  • Any poster printed through the Burnett Honors College must include either a) the BHC College logo, or b) the BHC Scholar logo in the top, right hand corner.
  • Poster files must be 48” wide and 36” tall. Templates are available below.

Please send questions to the Burnett Honors College Computer Lab at

  • Complete one of the following forms:
  • Once approved, you will receive an email requesting payment
  • After payment is submitted, the printing process will begin
    A standard poster is 36” by 48.” Please consult with the Honors Computer Lab Manager if your poster will be larger than the standard size.


  • The first two (2) posters per year are free. Additional posters may be printed for $30.
  • Payment Methods: Knights Cash only
  • Cash, check and credit card NOT ACCEPTED


    Standard printing timeline: The Burnett Honors College requires 2 business days to print research posters for academic conferences.
    High-volume timeline: Students must provide their poster files and payment for printing at least one week prior to the event date. This includes UCF’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence.


Included below are reference templates that can be used by students who are presenting research and creative projects at academic conferences. The poster is formatted in Microsoft PowerPoint as a 35″ by 47″ slide. We do not recommend that students modify the dimensions of this poster; doing so may cause text and graphics to be placed outside of the printing area. However, we strongly encourage students who use this template to modify the color, font, names of sections, and layout based upon the content of their own projects.

Poster templates: Poster Template // UCF "Themed" Poster Template


BHC Logo Download (Black Text)
BHC Logo Download (White Text)