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The Honor Code

As a member of the Burnett Honors College I pledge to uphold the following academic and ethical standards:

  • To strive for the highest levels of performance in all scholarly endeavors and to do so with the enthusiasm that stems from a true love of learning and a devotion to academic excellence
  • To demonstrate self-discipline, commitment, and responsibility in fulfilling my obligations as a member of the academic community
  • To show thoughtfulness, understanding, and empathy toward my peers, and to offer encouragement as they pursue their intellectual goals
  • To be respectful of, and attentive toward those who teach and mentor, while cherishing the ideal that academic excellence is best served where scholarly debate flourished
  • To honor the traditional rules of conduct that guide the achievements of a scholar including contempt for plagiarism, cheating, falsification, or any activity that threatens academic integrity and honesty

Students must comply with the Honor Code; failure to do so may result in dismissal from BHC.

Honors Privacy Policy

The Burnett Honors College respects your privacy and only collects your information for the sole use of University of Central Florida and its affiliates.

Should you have any concerns about our policy please contact us at or 407-823-2076.