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Requirements Overview

  • University Honors students must complete eight Honors courses total by the time they graduate.
  • Students entering in Summer 2020 or later must maintain a 3.3 UCF GPA.
  • Students who entered before Summer 2020 must maintain a 3.2 UCF GPA as well as a 3.0 Honors GPA.
  • All students must uphold the tenets of the Honor Code to remain in good standing with the program.

Note: Please contact the Office of Honors Advising if you have any specific questions about Honors requirements, including when courses will be offered and possible substitutions.

Lower-Division Requirements (All Majors)

  • Honors Symposium (must pass in the first Fall semester)
  • 4 Honors lower-division courses (1000-2000 level)

Note: Extra upper-division courses may substitute for lower-division courses.

Upper-Division Requirements
(Vary by College & Major)


Completion of the Honors Undergraduate Thesis program will satisfy one upper-division Honors requirement for any major. Please contact the Office of Honors Research ( for more information regarding the application process for this program.

Students pursuing University Honors in two degrees must complete an extra Honors upper-division course or interdisciplinary seminar.

Recommended majors in parentheses. However, all CECS students are permitted to use any of the above courses to complete University Honors requirements.

EEL 3004C (Honors Linear Circuits I) is an acceptable substitute for EGN 3373 (Principles of Electrical Engineering) for Mechanical, Aerospace, and Industrial Engineering majors. You may take either class to fulfill this major requirement.