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“My journey with the Burnett Honors College began with my older sister, who graduated in 2016. I used to visit her at UCF and attended several Family Weekends at the BHC with her. Witnessing how enthusiastic she was with her experience, hearing about the research projects she was involved in, and the process of meeting various BHC staff and scholars during my visits, truly sparked my desire to attend UCF Honors College!

"Fast forward to the present, now that I’m a UCF Honors College student, I make sure to maximize and seize every opportunity BHC has to offer. For instance, I’m a member of the UCF TALENT and CARES programs, both of which offer fantastic pre-health professional resources to honors students to help us reach our career goals. In addition, I’m a Team Leader (T.L.) for the Honors Symposium course. I enjoy working as a T.L., and I genuinely find it rewarding. I get to help incoming first-year students acclimate to UCF and BHC, make them feel welcomed and cherished at the Honors College, and become part of the BHC family.

“I find it vital to help others – specifically, mentoring peers. It all started during high school when I had the opportunity to manage a leadership training program in my community. I was tasked with organizing and holding workshops and leading discussions with younger students, and that was when my desire to guide others materialized. That desire definitely intensified over the course of my Honors Symposium class during my freshman year. This course made me feel accepted and well-supported, and at that time, I knew I really wanted to become a T.L..

“The Burnett Honors College is my home away from home. Due to the pandemic, all of my classes are online.  Therefore, I decided to come to the Honors College to study and to attend my virtual classes almost daily, and I’m just so appreciative to have BHC here that gives me the in-person experience on campus. I get to talk and meet with other students, and the BHC staff is super friendly and helpful too. How many students get to say they have a personal, down-to-earth relationship with the Deans of their College? This is all as a result of being involved at BHC. I grew up close to my family, and now that I live away from home, I value the relationships and connections I am able to make here with this big BHC family.

“I like this quote: ‘You only get out, what you put in.’ I think this is truly applicable in terms of the UCF Honors College. The more you interact with people and the more effort you devote here, the more life-lessons and opportunities you will receive. I’m a sophomore and I’ve made many new friends, formed many lasting relationships, and accomplished many goals that I’ve set out for myself. I’m so fortunate to be a part of something this special, and with the opportunities offered through the Honors College, I’m excited to see what the future holds for me!

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