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Harrison Keating, a BHC scholar and freshman studying computer science and mathematics, has secured an internship working for the Burnett Honors College as their web page coordinator. Although he joined the Knight Kingdom during the height of Covid-19, he immersed himself into our school by joining the UCF Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, Knight Hacks, and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), allowing him to meet like-minded students and learning from them as well. As the BHC web page coordinator, Harrison is expected to contribute to the regular maintenance and constant revision of the site’s content. As of writing, Harrison is tasked with modernizing the site to better user experience and to facilitate marketing research. And through this internship, Harrison wishes to sharpen his technical and professional skills and get to know the staff and students at the honors college. He also wants to utilize the knowledge and experience from this internship to work for Disney somewhere down the road, where he can combine his technical and creative skills to make an impact.

In terms of relaxation, Harrison likes music production and gardening. In fact, Harrison has made an electronic project inspired by Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol comics last year, and the project is currently on Spotify! Definitely go check it out if you’re interested. As a student of many talents, Harrison said he relished the excitement of trying new things. “Gardening and music production are broad enough that there's always more to learn and keep you engaged,” Harrison said, “Tired of green beans? Try sweet potatoes. Frustrated with trying to make that guitar sound just right? Go make some synth patches.” In addition to recreation, Harrison had his eyes on the prize during the quarantine as well. “There's a networking certification called the CCNA I've had my eyes on for a long time. [The time off] gave me a chance to buckle down and study the material. It took right up to the end of summer but I passed the test; without the lockdowns I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to get around to it.” And contrary to popular belief, computer science students are multifaceted individuals. He plays the electric guitar and listens to Lorde, his favorite artist, and enjoys speedrunning Cuphead, a run and gun video game. Did you see that coming? I didn’t.

In the upcoming semester, Harrison would like to explore and engage with the honors community as much as possible: “I spent quite a bit of time with various RSO’s my first semester as a UCF student,” Harrison explained, “but the honors community is so unique and vibrant in its own right. In the future, I hope to find a better balance between the two.” And speaking of RSO’s, Harrison also commended Experiential Learning and highlighted how the office provided great resources with their workshop and resume reviews. He even said, “attending UCF's Fall Internship Fair was one of my first experiences talking with employers/recruiters and made me much more comfortable interviewing for this internship. Even though Covid-19 continues to ravages through Florida, drastically altering everyone’s traditional way of life, Harrison remains optimistic about the upcoming semester at UCF and looks forward to meeting new people. He looks forward to moving to campus for the first time and getting to the core of his degree by taking classes like Computer Science I.