Student Handbook

Click here to view the Student Handbook, which outlines the expectations and procedures for HUT Scholars.


Most resources for current students can be found in our Webcourse, including forms, events, thesis templates, program handbook, and more!
For current students enrolled in the program who may have trouble accessing the Webcourse, email for assistance.

Electronic Signatures Tutorial - HelloSign

Electronic signatures are acceptable for HUT forms (e.g. registration forms, thesis proposal cover page, intent to graduate forms). However, if using an eSignature program, we only accept documents from Students can create a free account at: The eSignature site will allow students to obtain an unlimited number of signatures for up to three documents per month/ 30 days. We recommend this program because it is free for up to three documents and it is a secured site and process.

If using please ensure signers are "assigned" or placed in the correct order. For example, the HUT registration form sequence should be (1) first signer, Student; (2) second signer, Thesis Chair; (3) third signer, HUT Faculty Liaison/Dept. Chair.

HelloSign FAQs

How do I request a signature?
How do I set/change the order of who signs?
How do I edit and resend a document?

HelloSign Video Introduction