Honors Congress is the official student organization of the Burnett Honors College. We put on a variety of events to get our members involved on campus and in the local community. These include events with an emphasis on: academics, volunteering, fundraising, and even just socializing with your fellow honors students. Some events we have done in the past include: Farris & Foster's Chocolate Factory, Artlando, DeLeon Springs, The Color Run Orlando, Give Kids the World Cocoa Beach Cleanup Ice Skating, and many, many more!

Honors Congress Mission:

The Honors Congress exists to strengthen the Honors community by providing academic, volunteer and social outlets for Honors students. True excellence arises not from mere academics, but from a rounded character demonstrating a commitment to community involvement and integrity in all endeavors. With this in mind, the Honors Congress is committed to developing a diversified student body. The Honors Congress fosters a spirit of unity through the facilitation of social, academic and volunteer activities and cultivates a sense of community within The Burnett Honors College.

From our Constitution, Article II Preamble:

The Burnett Honors College provides gifted UCF students the opportunity to complete challenging course work while striving for academic excellence. As members of the Honors Congress, students will seek to heighten their academic experience through interaction with their peers and professors. The purpose of the Honors Congress shall be to represent the best interests of The Burnett Honors College as a whole. The goals of the Congress shall be to orient new students as they enter the program, and to participate in the continued development of the program. The Congress shall also seek to maintain ties with Alumni, and to represent College members on the Florida Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Feel free to read the entire Honors Congress Constitution in PDF format.