University Honors Program Requirements


  • University Honors students must complete eight Honors courses total by the time they graduate.
  • Students entering in Summer 2020 or later must maintain a 3.3 UCF GPA.
  • Students who entered before Summer 2020 must maintain a 3.2 UCF GPA as well as a 3.0 Honors GPA.
  • All students must uphold the tenets of the Honor Code to remain in good standing with the program.

Please contact the Office of Honors Advising if you have any specific questions about Honors requirements, including when courses will be offered and possible substitutions.

Lower-Division Requirements (All Majors)

  • Honors Symposium (must pass in first Fall semester)
  • 4 Honors lower-division courses (1000—2000 level)

Note: Extra upper-division courses may substitute for lower-division courses.

Upper-Division Requirements (Vary By College & Major)

Note: Completion of the Honors Undergraduate Thesis program will satisfy one upper-division Honors requirement for any major. Please contact the Office of Honors Research ( for more information regarding the application process for this program.

Note: Students pursuing University Honors in two degrees must complete an extra Honors upper-division course or interdisciplinary seminar.

College of Arts and Humanities • College of Community Innovation and Education • College of Health Professions and Sciences • College of Sciences • College of Nursing • College of Undergraduate Studies • Rosen College of Hospitality Management • Nicholson School of Communication and Media • Economics B.S. Majors • Medical Laboratory Sciences B.S. Majors

  • 1 Honors interdisciplinary seminar
  • 1 Honors upper-division course (3000—4000 level) or interdisciplinary seminar
  • 1 Honors upper-division course or interdisciplinary seminar

College of Business (B.S.B.A. Majors)

  • 1 Honors interdisciplinary seminar
  • 2 of the following Honors upper-division courses:
    BUL 3130H – Honors Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (Spring)
    GEB 3375H – Honors Introduction to International Business (Fall)
    FIN 3403H – Honors Business Finance (Fall)
    MAN 3025H – Honors Management of Organizations (Spring)
    MAN 4720H – Honors Strategic Management (Fall)
    MAR 3023H – Honors Marketing (Fall)

College of Medicine (Excluding Medical Laboratory Sciences B.S. Majors)

  • 1 Honors interdisciplinary seminar
  • 2 of the following Honors upper-division courses:
    BCH 4053H – Honors Biochemistry (Fall)
    BSC 3403C – Honors Quantitative Biological Methods (Spring)
    MCB 3020C – Honors Microbiology (Fall)
    MCB 4920H – Honors Group Effort Applied Research (Summer; PR: Department Consent)
    PCB 3063H – Honors Genetics (Spring)
    PCB 3522H – Honors Molecular Biology I (Fall)
    PCB 4524H – Honors Molecular Biology II (Spring)
    PCB 3703C – Honors Human Physiology (Fall & Spring)
    ZOO 3733C – Honors Human Anatomy (Fall & Spring)
    ZOO 3744H – Honors Neurobiology (Spring)

College of Engineering and Computer Science • College of Optics and Photonics

  • 1 Honors interdisciplinary seminar
  • 2 of the following Honors upper-division courses:
    COP 3223H – Honors Introduction to Programming with C (Fall & Spring; AE, CS, IE, IT, ME)
    COP 3502H – Honors Computer Science I (Spring; ComE, CS, IT)
    COP 3503H – Honors Computer Science II (Fall; ComE, CS)
    COT 3100H – Honors Introduction to Discrete Structures (Fall & Spring; ComE, CS)
    EEL 3004C – Honors Linear Circuits I (Spring; ComE, EE, PSE)*
    EEL 3123C – Honors Linear Circuits II (Fall; ComE, EE, PSE)
    EGN 3310H – Honors Engineering Analysis–Statics (Fall & Spring; AE, CiE, ConE, EnE, IE, ME)
    EGN 3321H – Honors Engineering Analysis–Dynamics (Fall & Spring; AE, CiE, ConE, EnE, IE, ME)
    EGN 3343H – Honors Thermodynamics (Spring; AE, CiE, EnE, IE, ME)
    EGM 3601H – Honors Solid Mechanics (Spring; AE, ME)
    EGN 3365H – Honors Structure and Properties of Materials (Spring; ME)
    EML 3034C – Honors Modeling Methods (Fall; AE, ME)
    EML 3701H – Honors Fluid Mechanics I (Fall; AE, ME)
    EML 4142H – Honors Heat Transfer I (Spring; AE, ME)
    EML 4225H – Honors Introduction to Vibrations and Controls (Spring; AE, ME)
    ENC 3241H – Honors Writing for the Technical Professional (Fall & Spring; CS, IT)
    MAS 3105H – Honors Matrix and Linear Algebra (Fall; CS, Mathematics Minors)
    PHY 3101H – Honors Physics for Engineers and Scientists III (Fall & Spring; CS, EE, PSE)
    STA 3032H – Honors Probability and Statistics for Engineers (Fall & Spring; All Engineering)

AE = Aerospace Engineering
CiE = Civil Engineering
ComE = Computer Engineering
CS = Computer Science
ConE = Construction Engineering
EE = Electrical Engineering
EnE = Environmental Engineering
IE = Industrial Engineering
IT = Information Technology
ME = Mechanical Engineering
PSE = Photonic Science & Engineering

Note: Recommended majors in parentheses. However, all CECS students are permitted to use any of the above courses to complete University Honors requirements.

*Note: EEL 3004C (Honors Electrical Networks) is an acceptable substitute for EGN 3373 (Principles of Electrical Engineering) for Mechanical, Aerospace, and Industrial Engineering majors. You may take either class to fulfill this major requirement.