*Students are encouraged to enroll in Honors versions of indicated courses when appropriate

Biological Science:
BSC 2010C* General Biology, 4 credit hours
AND Two of the following:
MCB 3020* Microbiology, 5 credit hours (CR: CHM 2210)
PCB 3703C* Human Physiology, 4 credit hours (PR: BSC 2010, CHM 2045)
ZOO 3733C* Human Anatomy, 4 credit hours (PR: BSC 2010)

PCB 3063* Genetics, 3 credit hours (PR: BSC 2010, CHM 2046) WITH PCB 3063L Genetics Laboratory 1, credit hour
PCB 3522* Molecular Biology I, 3 credit hours (PR: CHM 2211, MCB 3020)

Chemistry Fundamentals
CHM 2045C* Chemistry Fundamentals I, 4 credit hours
CHM 2046*+CHM2046L Chemistry Fundamentals II and Chemistry Fundamentals II Lab, 4 credit hours.

Organic Chemistry with Lab
CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I, 3 credit hours (PR: CHM 2046)
CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II, 3 credit hours (PR: CHM 2210)
CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry Techniques I, 2 credit hours

BCH 4053 Biochemistry I, 3 credit hours (PR: CHM 2211) or BCH 4024 Medical Biochemistry, 4 credit hours (PR: CHM 2211) 

Calculus: MAC 2311* Calculus with Analytical Geometry I, 4 credit hours
Statistics: STA 2023* Statistical Methods I, 3 credit hours

Physics w/lab
PHY 2053C* College Physics I, 4 credit hours
PHY 2054C* College Physics II, 4 credit hours

Humanities and Social Sciences  
Students MUST take at least one upper division course in Ethics and/or Philosophy. Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take upper division courses in Sociology and Psychology.