The Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida is designed to attract and challenge students who have demonstrated an ability to achieve academic excellence. Honors students receive an education that prepares them to enter the best graduate and professional schools, as well as obtain distinguished careers in business and public service. The Burnett Honors College offers two distinct programs of study: University Honors and Honors in the Major.

Achieve national prominence in honors education

Foster academic excellence, personal growth, ethics and civic responsibility

Be UCF's premier program to cultivate intellectual curiosity, creativity, and undergraduate research

Become more inclusive and diverse


The Burnett Honors College combines the intimacy of a small liberal arts college with the benefits of a large, research university located in a metropolitan environment. The College strives to provide UCF's most academically talented and motivated students with a challenging and unique scholarly experience, creating a strong foundation for future achievements. We strive to create a diverse learning community that fosters the pursuit of excellence, ethical, social, and civic responsibility, personal growth, and a passion for life-long learning.


The Burnett Honors College will lead UCF in cultivating intellectual inquiry, scholarly and cultural exploration, and creative expression. The College will provide a nurturing and transformative environment that enables students to succeed academically, grow personally, and become ethical and engaged members of their communities.


University Honors provides a special course of study to the most promising undergraduate students at the university. This program is geared toward incoming freshmen or students transferring from a community college with an Honors A.A. degree. Primarily, the focus of University Honors is to combine smaller classes with greater expectations for a student's performance. From the first day of class, students will be asked to participate in the learning experience instead of merely observing it. In doing so, their performances as individuals and as teams will grow. Students are encouraged to develop their intellects in a way that will enhance them as thoughtful, productive, and creative individuals.


Honors in the Major is a two-year program designed to encourage the best junior and senior students to undertake original and independent research in their major field under the supervision of a faculty committee. This research culminates in a thesis or creative project. Because of the diversity of student interests, academic departments regulate Honors in the Major course work. Honors in the Major is also available to students at the Cocoa, Daytona, Palm Bay and Sanford/Lake Mary Area campuses. Each area campus has an Honors Coordinator assigned to work with students at these campuses. Area Campus Students interested in completing Honors in the Major should speak with their respective Area Campus Honors Coordinator.