Welcome from Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Pineres, Ph.D.

"At the Burnett Honors College, we foster an environment of academic excellence and intellectual inquiry that gives you the best of both worlds - an intimate, welcoming place to study and make new friends, and access to the resources of one of the nation's largest and most progressive research universities.

In this environment, you will grow as both an individual and as a scholar. We will empower you to become creative problem-solvers, using your talent and passion to address the dynamic challenges of the present and future. We welcome you to visit our college and see what our community has to offer."

The Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida is designed to attract and challenge students who have demonstrated an ability to achieve academic excellence. Honors students receive an education that prepares them to enter the best graduate and professional schools, as well as obtain distinguished careers in business and public service. The Burnett Honors College offers two distinct programs of study: University Honors and Honors Undergraduate Thesis.


Students of all majors participate in the University Honors program, which is designed to offer a small college experience within a large research university. The honors curriculum, which consists of honors courses, interdisciplinary seminars and the honors symposium, takes places over the student's undergraduate career. It provides breadth, depth, and engagement with the learning process. As students participate in the University Honors program, they are encouraged to not only pursue rigorous coursework inside and outside the major, but also to engage in research, internships, and study abroad programs.


The Honors Undergraduate Thesis is a two-to-four semester program which allows motivated and talented junior and senior students the opportunity to undertake original and independent research in their declared major or another discipline under the supervision of a faculty committee. This research culminates in a thesis or creative project, which serves as an honors capstone product of their undergraduate career. In addition to Main campus, the program is offered at several UCF Connect campuses, including UCF Online. The Honors Undergraduate Thesis is available to all qualified UCF students and grants them the distinction of graduating from the Burnett Honors College.