A Message from Dean Sheila

Dear BHC family;

Clearly, these are unprecedented times. The recent decisions of UCF administration and our various levels of government to limit activities and gatherings such as classes, banquets and graduation have not been easy, but have been made through thoughtful deliberations. These discussions have been mindful of the impact they will have on the University community as a whole, as well as on the students, their family and friends, faculty, and staff—whom have all been significantly affected in a variety of personal and professional ways. The COVID-19 pandemic is not just our challenge, but also a significant challenge of our time--which has required sacrifices by of all of us as a community, and as part of our larger responsibility to society, as a whole.

Rest assured, we do not take these decisions lightly, but understand that they are both necessary and prudent for the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, and the general public, as well. We understand that the changes required of all of us may be disappointing, difficult, and disruptive.

Challenging times foster ingenuity and creativity, and we are dedicated to finding a way to celebrate your accomplishments and milestones. Once it is safe for students and families to return to campus, we will do our best to recreate the draping of the medallion with a special backdrop in the BHC lobby. We will set aside blocks of time (and also offer the opportunity to schedule times) for you and your family to join us as we drape the medallion and take photos. We will continue to do this until every graduate who wants to do this has the opportunity. While this is different than in past years, we will not let this crisis defeat us or limit our chance to celebrate with you.

The BHC Graduation Banquet is a proud moment for all of us. We cherish the event and its significance. Please know we sympathize with your loss and sacrifice.

Thank you for your understanding.