The Burnett Honors College strives to create a vibrant community of peers with different backgrounds, talents, and interests. Although admitted students have impressive academic credentials, a major consideration in the admission process is the potential for intellectual and ethical growth.

Admission to University Honors is granted by The Burnett Honors College to eligible freshmen (first time in college) and Honors AA transfer students from participating community colleges in all majors and disciplines. UCF first time in college students who do not apply as incoming freshmen and community college transfer students who do not meet the Honors transfer requirements are not eligible for the University Honors Program.

Other transfer students are not eligible for the University Honors Program. However, they may apply for the Honors in the Major program. Students interested in The Burnett Honors College University Honors Admission should contact the Office of Honors Students Services, located in The Burnett Honors College, Room 110, phone 407-823-2545, email, FAX 407-823- 6583.