Team Leaders 2018-2019

The Team Leader program at the Burnett Honors College became an important component of the Honors Symposium course during the 1996-1997 academic year.  The program recruits outstanding honors students at the sophomore through senior levels to serve as role models and guides for first-year Burnett Honors Scholars.  Each Team Leader is selected on the basis of a rigorous process that includes group interviews, an evaluation of academic standing, leadership in other areas of the university life, and a three-day training. In addition, Team Leaders attend various meetings and trainings throughout the fall semester in order to gain a better understanding of their role in Honors Symposium.

During the fall semester, Team Leaders serve as teaching assistants for the Honors Symposium course and as mentors for groups of 15-20 first-year BHC Scholars.  Team Leaders are responsible for:

  • Leading breakout discussions with their team members following each lecture
  • Monitoring their team members’ assignments and attendance
  • Organizing various social and cultural events for their team members
  • Serving as liaisons between the Burnett Honors College and their students
  • Participating in a leadership development retreat and weekly meetings

The principle behind the Team Leader program is simple: to provide an example of an involved, successful student.  Each Team Leader has her or his own insights and brings to the Honors Symposium course a unique perspective that will help to shape the first-year experience for our Honors students.

There are many reasons why honors students are interested in serving as a Team Leader.  The Team Leader program is a preeminent opportunity for honors students to:

  • Work together as colleagues to meet common goals
  • Develop leadership skills including communication, public speaking, group facilitation, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Become involved in both the UCF and broader Orlando community
  • Network with faculty, community leaders, and business professionals
  • Form meaningful friendships
  • Experience working administratively with a university course

An Honors Team Leader is:

  • An active and involved member of the UCF community
  • Dedicated to helping other students succeed
  • Approachable and assertive
  • Comfortable leading difficult discussion and speaking in front of their peers
  • Creative thinkers

The Team Leader application and selection processes occur during the spring semesters.

Team Leaders help to facilitate learning outcomes by:

  • Being available to students
  • Upholding the tenets of the UCF creed
  • Setting an example for student success and academic involvement
  • Helping students make healthy and responsible decisions
  • Creating and maintaining an appropriate professional relationship with students
  • Fostering a learning environment that includes building a sense of community within the classroom, encouraging reflection and growth, and active engagement in class activities

Your 2020 Team Leaders!

Alexis Wade

Bella Whipple

Cameron Garrow

Constantin Claassen

Corey Clancy

Emma Wood

Flora Ngo

Gabriel Layne

Geela Ramos

Hannah Edmonds

Harrison Crawford

Henry Keating

Jasmine Masri

Jason Anandappa

Jesse Harris

Jessica Gass

Jonathan Baran

Jordan Sammarco

Kaitie McPhee

Katlyn Smith

Lia Fiore

Mackenzie Daniels

Maggie Baker

Maria George

Marissa McNeil

Matthew Hunter

Moises Lobaton

Nefertari Elshiekh

Nina Lopez

Pooja Patel

Robert Smith

Romina Homayoun

Sean Hinkle

Timothy Blanchette