Moving off-campus in Fall 2020? Want to continue to live with your BHC scholar friends? If you are interested in living in Knights Circle,  please see the important information below from Knights Circle! Spaces are filling up fast!!!

Knights Circle (KC) uses demand-based pricing where price increases are triggered at pre-determined intervals when a certain number of leases have been signed for each floor-plan. At the moment, KC is about 65% leased for Fall of 2020. That may seem early and that’s for good reason; because it is. A year ago KC sold out of all units by the first week of April. A year earlier, they were sold out the first week of May. This year, they’ll be sold out by late February!

KC leases all rooms on a first-come, first-served basis and doesn’t retain or hold back any rooms for BHC students who may decide to lease there later in the year.

We strongly encourage you, if you’re looking to live at KC, to sign a lease as soon as possible to ensure you have a room at the lowest possible rate still available.

KC’s roommate matching & placement algorithm will ask students if they are BHC students. If they are, they’ll seek to find their best available match among other BHC students, first. In addition, they’ll also seek to place BHC students in the same phase so they’re closer together. There are no guarantees of this, of course, as there are myriad complexities in the operation of a 2500-bed off-campus facility. However, last year about 80% or better of BHC students were placed near other BHC students and most seeking roommates were given other BHC students as roommates based on their compatible matching scores.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the KC leasing team at or 407-563-0980. Office hours are M-F: 9-5, Sat 10-5, and Sun: 12-5.

Thank you, and good luck!