Daniela Jahncke, an industrial engineering major and student at the Burnett Honors College, has had the opportunity to intern at AdventHealth and work with Lockheed Martin as part of the College Work Experience Program, and is exploring more career opportunities upon graduation. Daniela credits BHC with creating an environment that helps build life-long relationships and irreplaceable connections.

How has your experience at UCF and the Burnett Honors College shaped the person you are today?

I have learned so much over the past 4 years here! College really is a place where you leave different than you came-for better or worse! I can honestly say the BHC has been instrumental in helping me grow for the better! If I could go back, I would choose UCF again strictly for the Burnett Honors College. It is more than just a prestige and honor to add to my resume; it is the place where I've built lasting relationships (with the dean, custodians, advisors, front desk and lab staff, and students), made irreplaceable connections (Sheila has helped me get tons of employer conversations started), been fed every week (through those Monday morning breakfasts, finals week snacks, and luncheons), had a place to nap (the new Reading Room couches are fantastic, but those outdoor seats are the place to be during a rainstorm), and truly a home away from home. I left my backpack lying around everywhere like it was my own house, without ever having the slightest fear that someone would take it maliciously, because those are the kinds of people that I know the BHC calls their own: respectful, honest, and integrity-filled students and staff. I am blessed to be considered a part of the BHC.

How are you feeling about graduation approaching?

It's a little scary! My feelings have changed in light of the current situation, but I know that this pandemic will not last forever, and there is a great. big, beautiful, tomorrow world out there with endless opportunities! I am in good hands.

What did you discover about yourself during your time at UCF?

I learned a lot about myself! One of the things I learned was that my identity should not be placed in what I do or what I am good at. As honors kids, we oftentimes forget that life is about more than just the number or culmination of our successes.

What advice would you give to future Burnett Honors College students?

This is a fun one! I would tell future BHC students to take every opportunity. College is the perfect time to learn, grow, and make mistakes. You will find your passion much quicker if you try everything, even if along the way you only learn what you don't like. Each chip into the world through your college experiences is a step closer to you finding what you were created to do. Open every door, meet every person, go to every interview. You never know where you'll end up, but you will always leave knowing something you didn't know before. Don't forget your values, and never throw out what is truly important. Remember, you will change during this season, but changing for the worse is an option. Never let the pressures around you entice you to do things that you know aren't right! Have goals, dreams, and lines set for yourself, and step into them boldly and confidently. Seek and search, and you will find!

What will you be doing after graduation?

I'll be doing the most exciting thing in the world! I don't know yet what that will look like, as everything is much different than I expected it to be even just a month ago. But I'm just as eager to discover what the next season will look like as you are, and rest assured my BHC family will be among the first to know when I take my next step!