Olivia Randall-Kosich

Meet Olivia, an O-Teamer, PLC Member and President of Global Medical Brigades

“Once I got to UCF, everything just kind of opened up for me. I got into an organization called Global Medical Brigades. Global Medical Brigades is a chapter here at UCF that goes to Nicaragua, Honduras or Panama once a year. It’s a seven-day trip and we hold a medical clinic. It’s unique because we try to be sustainable on how we impact the communities we go into. It’s not like we just go and volunteer and leave, we have chapters from different universities going every other week. We train as many workers there as possible to keep it sustainable. The whole point is to get these communities to become more well-rounded and be able to empower themselves. In two weeks I’m leaving to go to Nicaragua for the first time with GMB.

I was the marketing director for about a year and a half and then I eventually became president this past year. My favorite part about being president, besides all of the people I’ve met, has been the planning and organizational aspects. I never would have thought that I would be interested in this or public speaking before GMB. It helped me realize that what I really like in the health field is the administrative side. Next year, I’m going to be the chair-person for Global Brigades while attending graduate school here at UCF. It’s a super cool organization because it’s a holistic model and it has sub chapters: medical, public health, engineering, water, human rights – all kinds of things. As chair person, my job will be to find leaders to open up new chapters at UCF. What I want to do is go into patient services in a hospital. I’d like to do something with volunteering even after college. It’s important to get involved with organizations on campus because you’ll learn more about yourself through different experiences besides coursework. I would have never figured out what I wanted to do in the future without this organization.”