Arjun Watane

“I was born in Miami, I grew up in Texas, and then my family moved to Orlando. I’ve been here since then. I’ve been playing tennis since my elementary school years. I just love the sport. It became a driving force in my life; everything in my life was centered around tennis. I was homeschooled so I could focus on traveling the nation and playing tennis. I came to UCF to play tennis and major in computer science and minor in bioengineering.

Even here now for the past four years, my life has been centered around tennis. Now, I’m coming up to my last semester of playing competitively. After this may, I’ll be done with the sport I’ve had to make my life around since I was 6 years old. I won’t have my coaches and my teammates to be there for me, or to make sure I’m actually awake in the morning. Sometimes it feels like all I do is play tennis and do homework. But tennis has opened up many doors for me and has helped me gain recognition. One day athletics figured out I could play piano so I was asked to play at an event. Ever since that one event, I’ve been invited to play at many events. Tennis helped me gain this new experience.

Although tennis takes up all of my time, I can’t imagine doing college any other way. I am thankful for everything tennis has done for me, on and off the court. I’ve recently begun doing research. My research focuses on medical imaging. I work with Dr. Bagci from UCF's Center for Research in Computer Vision. I was published for my work on the automatic quantification and segmentation of adipose tissue (fat) from CT scans, and I am currently working on my honors thesis on the structural and functional analysis of ADHD in brain MRI. I plan to go to medical school next year. It’s going to be a big change and a big challenge. But tennis has definitely prepared me for any challenges to come.”