BHC Student Spotlight: Michèle Guillard

In the midst of chaos and social-distancing, one Burnett Honors College student has made it a priority to continue pushing for the importance of physical exercise.

Michèle Guillard, a BHC senior, has started making online wellness videos to continue encouraging exercise during this period of lockdown.

“I made a YouTube channel to post home exercise videos that include general exercises as well as choreographed Barre and Pilates workouts,” says Guillard. “I actually worked as a group exercise instructor for the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center, but since the closure, we are out of work. This is a way for my usual patrons to work out with me and get through this period of social distancing.”

Guillard says that she’s been considering making videos like these for a few months. “The social distancing order was the catalyst to make it happen,” she says. Her videos are completely open to the public, and she strongly encourages students to access them during this time of isolation.

She hopes to start posting on her YouTube channel, which is called Get Well With Michèle, at least once every other day, and would like to start a few video series, such as barre, bootcamp, and weekly wellness tips. “I actually don’t love being recorded, but I like that people are able to work out whenever they have time to and aren’t just given an option of doing something live.”

Beyond her videos, Guillard actively runs her own fitness Instagram account, @GetWellWithMichele. On her account, followers can access her YouTube channel, and can even find Spotify playlists to use during their own workouts.

Outside of this new venture, Guillard has been surviving the social distancing rules by taking the time to cook healthy meals each night, trying to bake something new every couple of days, and catching up on her reading and Netflix lists, all while maintaining her classwork.

Beyond her work as a certified group fitness instructor, Guillard is studying for a dual degree in health sciences and interdisciplinary studies, with a minor in fitness training. She holds specialty fitness certifications in spinning, POP pilates, yoga, and barre.

Guillard plans to attend the University of Florida in the Fall, to become a physical therapist.

To follow along with Guillard’s wellness videos, you can access her YouTube channel at

Michèle Guillard

Michèle Guillard