Whether you are teaching an Honors course, serving on a HIM thesis committee, or mentoring a SMART student, we believe that you will find your involvement with Honors students to be an enriching experience. This web page is designed to facilitate your involvement with our students. If at any time you have questions, please feel feel to contact us.

Are you teaching an Honors course? If so, download A Faculty Guide to Teaching in Honors. This guide is a valuable resource that provides insights and suggestions for developing an Honors classroom experience. Several UCF faculty have provided observations about their own Honors classroom experience.

You may also download Selected Readings about Honors education that include articles from AFT’s On Campus, The National Honors Report, a publication of the National Collegiate Honors Council, and an excerpt from C. Grey Austin’s Honors Programs: Development, Review, and Revitalization (1991). The National Honors Report is a forum for Honors administrators, faculty, and students, and consequently is an excellent source of information and discussion about Honors programs.

C. Grey Austin has published numerous handbooks and guides on Honors education, has been associated with Honors and the NCHC for many years, and is often called upon to evaluate or to assist in establishing Honors programs throughout the US. We have selected these readings because they either address those issues that are currently being debated in Honors education or present useful insights to faculty teaching in Honors.