Deadlines Calendar

The Honors Research staff have outlined all HUT Program deadlines into one easy-to-read page. All HUT students are required to meet the posted deadlines. Any and all exceptions to these deadlines must be pre-approved by OHR staff. 

Click here to access the current Deadlines Calendar.

HUT Liaison List

The HUT Liaison is the point of connection between your thesis major/discipline’s college/department/area campus and the Burnett Honors College. The HUT Liaison may answer questions about department-specific HUT requirements and sign your Registration, Proposal Cover Page, & Thesis Approval Forms. Please identify the HUT Liaison for the Department/College in which your thesis discipline is housed. For example, if you are a English major writing a thesis in Psychology, you would request the signature from the Psychology Liaison.

Click here to access the current HUT Liaison list.

Using HelloSign to Obtain Electronic Signatures

Students are encouraged to use HelloSign to obtain electronic signatures if their form requires signatures from their thesis committee or HUT Liaison. Please ensure signers are “assigned” or placed in the correct order. For example, the HUT registration form sequence should be (1) first signer, Student; (2) second signer, Thesis Chair; (3) third signer, HUT Faculty Liaison.  Click here to access support regarding setting and changing the order of who signs. Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to use HelloSign here.