What is the GRE

The GRE, like the SAT, is an aptitude exam designed to measure basic skills and knowledge in English and Mathematics. Both exams are developed and administered by the same company, Educational Testing Service (ETS). Among all the factors graduate schools consider for admission, your GRE score and your GPA are perhaps the most important. Just as you need to take the SAT to get into college, you need to take the GRE to go to graduate school. The math and verbal portions of the two tests are virtually identical, and there is also a writing section. The general test measures verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. For more information about the GRE, go to www.gre.org.  If you have questions about preparing for the GRE exam, please contact Brandy Christman in the Office of Student Services in BHC 110 or at brandy.christman@ucf.edu.