Team Leaders Program


The Team Leader program at The Burnett Honors College became an important component of the Honors Freshman Symposium during the 1996-1997 academic year. The program recruits outstanding upper-class students to serve as role models and guides for incoming Honors freshmen. Each Team Leader is selected on the basis of a challenging selection process that includes group interviews. Team Leaders must be Honors students in good standing and must demonstrate leadership in other areas of university life. Students also must complete a three-day training workshop to fulfill the requirements to be accepted in the program. In addition, Team Leaders attend team building workshops throughout the semester in order to get a better understanding of their role as Team Leaders.

During the Fall semester, Team Leaders serve as breakout leaders following the lecture portion of the Honors Symposium. In addition to discussing the lecture, discussions revolve around such topics as leadership development, service-learning experiences, student success skills, research opportunities, and other related issues. The Team Leaders are also responsible for organizing a team field trip and other various social and cultural group opportunities. In addition, Team Leaders participate in the service-learning labs with their students. To ensure that this is also a learning experience for the Team Leaders, reflection on the breakout sessions are encouraged and discussed at the monthly Team Leader meetings.

The principle behind the Team Leader Program is that the first-year students will relate particularly well to exceptional upper-class students and be encouraged to excel academically and to serve as campus leaders in the future. Each Team Leader has his or her own insights and brings to the course a unique experience that will ultimately shape a new student's future.

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