Information Fluency Award

The Burnett Honors College and the University of Central Florida Libraries are pleased to announce the Information Fluency Student Award. UCF defines Information Fluency as "the ability to gather, evaluate, and use information in ethical and legal ways". Recognizing the importance of information fluency as an essential skills set that prepares students for high level academic work, the workplace, and everyday life, The Burnett Honors College and UCF Libraries wish to acknowledge and reward excellence for students' abilities to gather, evaluate and use resources through effective, efficient, and thorough search strategies using quality sources. Winners of the IF Award will demonstrate knowledge of academic sources, superior search strategies, and the ability to retrieve scholarly sources appropriate for academic endeavors.

This award rewards Honors students who develop exemplary methodical and scholarly approaches to the research needed for their papers and projects.

Award Description

The Burnett Honors College and the UCF Libraries are awarding $1000 to recognize two outstanding library research papers or projects by Honors students in any discipline:
    - $500 for the best paper/project at the lower division level (courses 1xxx or 2xxx)
    - $500 for the best paper/project at the upper division level (course 3xxx or 4xxx)

The prizes will be awarded to the individual winner or will be divided equally among the members of the winning team (for team projects or papers). Applicants must agree to give The Burnett Honors College and the UCF Libraries permission to exhibit the winning papers or projects in the UCF Libraries and in The Burnett Honors College.


    - Students must be in good standing with The Burnett Honors College when the award is paid in Spring 2016.
    - Students must have completed at least one semester at UCF by the application deadline.
    - Eligible papers or projects must have been completed during the previous academic year. For the 2016 award, the papers must have been completed in Spring, Summer or Fall 2015.
    - Each student or team may only submit one paper or project per award competition. Each paper or project can only be submitted once.

Evaluation Criteria

Successful projects will:

    - Make extensive, creative use of diverse library resources and collections in any format and medium.
    - Demonstrate effective application of information literacy and fluency principles:
      1. Determining information needs
      2. Evaluating and analyzing information
      3. Managing, organizing and synthesizing information
      4. Applying information in the context of the research project
      5. Making responsible use of information by providing appropriate and accurate citations and credits
      6. Show evidence of significant personal knowledge in the methods of research and inquiry

Evaluation Committee

Entries will be evaluated by a committee consisting of two faculty members and two librarians.

Essay Tips

In addition to reviewing the evaluation criteria, it may be helpful to keep in mind the following questions as you reflect on your library research experience.

  • What did you discover about the tools and techniques for research in the library?
  • What did you learn about finding and evaluating information on your topic -- or in your discipline?
  • Which sources did you use? Which were most helpful? Less helpful?
  • What discoveries did you make in the library by serendipity? And which through carefully planned search strategies? What was the path your research took?
  • How did you manage or organize all of the sources used for your project?
  • Note: These tips are offered only to guide your reflection. You are not required to answer all of these specific questions.

  • What lessons about the research process did you take away from the experience Application


    Each applicant or team will submit for consideration a portfolio that will include the following:

    - Application Cover Sheet. Download Form.
    - Letter of support from the supervising faculty member or instructor. Download Form.
    - A 500-700 word research strategy essay describing your research strategy, sources used, how your   research skills developed, and how your research contributed to the quality of your paper or project.
    - A final version of the research project or paper submitted for a letter grade, including your bibliography.

Application Deadline

Application deadline is February 29th, 2016. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered. Applications will not be returned; please submit copies. Winners will be announced on March 21st, 2016, and will be recognized at a special award ceremony in April 2016. Submit your applications either as email attachments or as hard copies to Dr. Madi Dogariu, BHC 110, 407-823-3439,