University Honors Graduation

Students Graduating with University Honors

Upon having earned the University Honors distinction, you will be recognized in the following ways:

  • The University Honors recognition is printed on the diploma
  • The University Honors recognition is printed on the transcripts
  • The Honors Medallion is awarded to be worn at Commencement


You will be invited to attend the Honors Graduation Banquet, where you will be invested with your Honors Medallion.  Fall graduates will be invited to the Fall Graduation Banquet.  Spring and Summer graduates will be invited to the Spring Graduation Banquet.

    To be recognized as a University Honors graduate, you must:

  1. Submit this University Honors Intent to Graduate form to BHC 110 by the specified deadline (link to Important dates page) (usually within the first two weeks of the semester when you plan to graduate)
  2. After you have submitted the University Honors Intent to Graduate form, then complete the University Honors Exit Survey
  3. When prompted by our email request, complete the Post-Graduation Plans survey update; this request will be made three weeks before graduation
  4. Optional: request an Honors Exit Interview; exit interviews are an opportunity to discuss post-graduation plans, your experiences with The Burnett Honors College, and/or to ask any questions you may have


If you need help filling out the forms or you are not sure if you are meeting the University Honors requirements, stop by BHC 109 or call (407) 823-2076 for advising.