The most important benefit that the students in The Burnett Honors College enjoy is being a part of a wonderful group of peers who share educational and civic values. Honors students have the advantage of a distinguished learning environment, enhanced resources, civic engagement, an Honors Community and special recognition designed to help them achieve academically and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Honors students in The Burnett Honors College benefit from:

1. Distinguished Academic Environment

2. Enhanced Resources

3. Community Engagement

4 . Honors Community

  • Honors Congress
  • Honors Annual Events (from freshman reception to provost’s symposium, etc)
  • Distinguished Speakers
  • Free and Discounted Tickets to Cultural Events
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Honors Housing
  • Honors Symposium Teams
  • Free Monday morning breakfast for Honors students in the fall and spring

5. Special Recognition

  • Recognition at Commencement
  • Honors Graduation Banquet
  • University Honors Designation on Diploma and Transcript