Teaching Circle

Sponsored by The Burnett Honors College and Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

"In Teaching Circles, the only rule is that what is said in Teaching Circles stays in Teaching Circles." --Ali Korosy, Facilitator


Honors Teaching Circles provides an opportunity for faculty to share ideas and best practices for Honors education. All faculty including those who are new to Honors or Honors in the Major are welcome to attend these informal sessions.

Previous Discussions

Honors Teaching Circles began in 2006 and since that time a wide variety of topics have been discussed including the following:

Are Honors students different than other students? If so, in what ways?

What differences in quality and quantity of work should we expect of Honors undergraduates?

Why have an Honors College? Should we have an Honors College?

Can we expect better research from Honors scholars? What guidance will they need to produce superior research? What other ways can we assist them in their investigations?

What are the expectations of the Honors students in regard to their Honors classes as opposed to their regular classes? What would they like to experience in Honors classes that would be different from those in other courses?

How does a professor go about applying to teach an Honors Interdisciplinary seminar? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of this endeavor?

Does the University?s administration support the Honors College? If so, in what ways? How are departments compensated for faculty teaching Honors courses? Is the compensation appropriate?

Once or twice a semester, Honors students join the gathering for the first 30 minutes to give their thoughts, opinions, and views on their education. They are usually willing to answer almost any question that arises.

Meeting Times and Location

Ali Korosy facilitates Honors Teaching Circles and for AY 2010-11 has scheduled the meeting times on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. Tuesday sessions are held from 12:00-1:30pm and Wednesday sessions are from 11:00-12:30pm.  All sessions are in the FCTL conference room (Classroom Building I, room 207).

-Spring 2015 dates TBA

If you have questions about Honors Teaching Circles, please contact Ali either by telephone (407.823.3428) or email (akorosy@mail.ucf.edu).