Welcome Honors Alumni!

As a graduate of The Burnett Honors College, you were part of a special and exclusive family. Keep those connections and stay actively involved with the college and your alma mater through the UCF Burnett Honors College Alumni Chapter! Whether you want to network with fellow honors alumni, mentor current students or attend a fun social event, we hope you will become an active and involved alumnus with the Burnett Honors College.  

The University of Central Florida is proud of all its students and alumni. After all, it's your success and support that has helped UCF be one of the nation's leading metropolitan research universities. The University of Central Florida's Burnett Honors College Alumni Chapter is your UCF connection, helping you stay in touch and actively involved with your alma mater.

Remember, the Honors Alumni Chapter is your key to staying in touch with UCF and the Burnett Honors College, and the programming reflects your interests and needs. We encourage you to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions so that together we can build a chapter that serves you effectively.

Stay connected through social media:  

LinkedIn: The Burnett Honors College Official Alumni Group

Facebook: UCF Burnett Honors College Alumni Chapter



Honors Alumni Chapter Mission

The mission of the Honors Alumni Chapter is to further the academic, developmental, and social interests of the Burnett Honors College and its alumni. The Honors Alumni Chapter exists to foster and enhance the relationship between the University of Central Florida, its alumni and friends, and to get more involvement in the community. Get involved here!