BMS Program Requirements: Other

Early Graduation

Students who want to graduate from UCF in less than 4 years forfeit the guaranteed seat in the UCF College of Medicine MD program. Nevertheless, they can apply through the regular UCF College of Medicine application process. If at the time of graduation they have met all the requirements of the program as specified by this articulation agreement, they will be guaranteed an interview with UCF college of Medicine.

 Delayed Graduation

 Students who want to delay graduation must request permission from The Burnett Honors College and the UCF College of Medicine admission office by the end of the fall term in December of their senior year. If approved they will keep their seat reservation in the UCF College of Medicine MD program provided that they meet all requirements.

Humanities Requirement: Students must take at least one upper division course in Ethics and/or Philosophy

Demonstrated Commitment to Medicine: consistency of medical volunteering and clinical shadowing experience.

Shadowing is essential since much of the learning needed to become a good physician comes from careful observation of and reflection on clinical experiences. Examples of acceptable experience include service in an emergency room, physician’s office, or clinic. Students should complete a minimum of 60 contact hours of approved clinical experience. 

Strong commitment to service as demonstrated by sustained and meaningful volunteer activities: The community service experience must be designed to promote ethical development, self-awareness and a sense of social responsibility. Commitment to serving others is most effectively demonstrated by uncompensated, face-to-face engagement with individuals who are under served. Students should complete a minimum of 75 contact hours of volunteer community service under the supervision of The Burnett Honors College.