Computer Lab at TBHC

TBHC Computer Lab

  • Contains 40 workstations, which are 3.2 GHz computers with 8 GB RAM, 19" Ultra Sharp flat panel monitors with USB, 512 MB video card, CD-RW Drives, DVD-Rom Drives, and a 250 GB HD.  The lab also contains a scanner, two dual core 2 GHz Macs, and three network printers.
  • The building's network is supplied with redundant 10 Gig feed running into 4510 Cisco switch, providing the building with a high-speed network that is reliable.
  • Honors students get exclusive use of this computer lab. Lab monitors check IDs with an integrated student database system.
  • There are lab monitors on duty during lab hours.
  • The entire building, including the garden, is wireless accessible.
  • All of the computers at the BHC are running Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for virus and malware protection. They also run Windows 7 64-bit and the Macs run OS 10.5.
  • Software programs include AutoCAD, SPSS statistical software, Office 2013 including proofing tools for over 50 languages, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Math Cad.
  • Free printing is available to students. 

Important TBHC Computer Lab Instructions For Students

This section contains important information about the logon process and printing in The Burnett Honors College computer labs. Please read this section carefully and take notice of any actions necessary on your part to fully utilize the computer labs.

Logon Changes

The Burnett Honors College computer labs in the Burnett Honors College building (BHC) room 121 and Golden Knights Plaza Tower 3 (T3) room 233 now use the UCF network ID (NID) for single sign-on authentication. This means that in order to use a computer in either lab, you must know your NID and NID password and use that information to log on. Your NID and NID password are also what you’ll use to authenticate to the secure UCF wireless services (UCF_WPA and UCF_WPA2) and to access some computer labs outside of The Burnett Honors College.

As a benefit of leveraging the UCF NID for logon, students are now able to store documents on a central server, accessible from all computers in The Burnett Honors College computer labs, as well as those computer labs on campus that are set up for NID authentication. That central location is the default save location for most applications and is also accessible via the T: drive in Windows.

Printing Changes

In order to streamline printing in the BHC computer lab, the default printer is BHC121_Lab-FirstAvailable. The default will send the job to either Lab01 or Lab02, depending on which printer is not busy printing other jobs at that moment. Both Lab01 and Lab02 are still available as separate printers should the need arise that you need to print something specifically on one printer or the other. Please check both printers for your job before printing another copy and, as always, please retrieve your printed job from the printer as quickly as possible so that jobs don’t run together in the trays.

In addition to the two black and white printers, students in the BHC lab can send color jobs directly to the color printer. The color printer is BHC121_LabColor and is listed with the black and white printers in the BHC lab. Please ensure that your color document is set up to print precisely the way you want it as the daily limit of ten color pages per student per day will be strictly enforced.

Please take this time to reset your NID password if you have not already done so. Your NID password can be reset by going to the UCF NID Password Self Service page. If you do not know what your NID is, you can find it by going to the UCF NID Lookup page.

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